Being in a industry which is undergoing a tremendous change in the business environment due to the sharp downturn of the economic activities brought about by the currency crisis since mid 1997 and the American Sub-Prime Crisis slightly over a decade later, we have witnessed a quite unprecedented imbalance in the built industry between supply and demand of all types of properties, coupled with spiraling land cost and building material prices which collectively, have resulted in a very tight margin for undertaking property development.

With a careful evaluation and selection of design alternatives and construction methods through value engineering, tight control of budget and proper selection of the most appropriate procurement route in awarding a project, opportunities still existed for vigilant developers to make a fair margin from property development.

It is in these aspects that we believe that our distinctive competence can contribute positively to the competitive advantages of our Clients in re-positioning

themselves in a down cycle of the economy and property industry to create opportunities for profitable property development undertakings. Our distinctive competence in terms of conducting feasibility studies, knowledge in design economics, value engineering, procurement strategies, and cost control and monitoring can contribute to the successful conclusion of any property development venture in achieving the desired quality, good value for money and completion on time.

At FPS, we are fully committed to provide the best, reliable and valued added services to our Clients. We always strive to provide the type of timely, caring and personal services and at the same time, pro active and quality services to our Clients.

Our motto is “The Success of Your Development Is Our Satisfaction”